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Home EV Charger Installation

EV Charger Expert provides reliable and professional home electric car charger installation services. We make it easy for you to get your home EV charger install fast. EV Charger Expert has thorough experience working on both single and multifamily housing car charging system installation projects.  We have a comprehensive understanding of all building codes within our service area.  

     All of our home electric  car charging station installations are permitted and inspected by their respective jurisdictions.

        The process may include installing a dedicated circuit for EV charging, installing an EV charging station, upgrading an existing electrical panel, or adding a second electrical panel.

If you rent your home, or live in multifamily housing, we can provide you with the documentation necessary to start your home EV charger installation project.

Installing EV Chargers at Single-Family Homes or Multifamily Housing

1. Get a Free Quote

After you contact us by email, phone or message, our expert contacts you back to explain the EV charger installation process and answer your questions. Then if needed, we schedule a site visit to evaluate residential electrical panel and wiring for capacity to charge the electric car at the desired EV charging level. After that, our expert provides a price quote to complete home EV charger installation work for all applicable rate/panel options.

2. EV Charger Installation and Permitting

After we schedule a home EV charger installation, our expert prepares all required documentation and drawing to obtain city permit(s). Our state certified and trained electrician completes EV charger installation of necessary home wiring, upgraded or new panel / meter socket box, or installs the Load Management Controller (LMC), dedicated circuit, and home EV charger of your choice. What Happens If You Install an EV Charger Without a Permit?

3. City Inspection

After your home EV charger is installed, our expert will schedule city inspector visit for you. According to the state law, every home EV charger installation should be approved by city inspection, which provides for personnel and structure safety by inspecting electrical, life safety, and communication systems to ensure compliance with the adopted codes and regulations.

We are happy to provide you with any EV charger of your choice or you may provide your own. EV Charger Expert does not charge any markup for providing EV chargers.  If we provide you with EV charger the cost of this unit will be added to your final invoice.

New EV Charger Models:

Wallbox Pulsar 40A.webp

​       Can be used as:

  • Tesla EV charger

  • Chevrolet bolt EV charger

  • Nissan leaf EV charger

  • Audi e-tron EV charger

  • Golf e-tron EV charger

* EV Charger Expert does not charge any markup for providing EV chargers. Price includes taxes and delivery cost only.

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