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Our Mission

   Electric Vehicles (EV) are now becoming a part of everyday life.  Going EV used to mean making compromises. Not anymore. Today's electric vehicles offer convenience and reliability beyond what is capable for internal combustion engines. These vehicles represent a new era in energy independence and also provide the promise of a clean energy future.
    EVChargerExpert mission is to promote and standardize EV charger installations. Our company has extensive experience with EV engineering and EV charger installation techniques.  We do not use subcontractors. Our electricians are state certified and have been extensively trained in EV charger installations. 
     EVChargerExpert is located in Oakland, CA. We have comprehensive experience working with all building departments within the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We are familiar with the documentation necessary to comply with state, local and federal laws. We will not perform any electric car charger installation without building permits or proper documentation.

     EVCharger Experts always perform load calculations and drawings for each of our EV charger installation projects. We do this to ensure that the safety and functionality of our EV charger installations is second to none. Most of all EVchargerExpert makes this process easy for you, our clients. We are pushing EV  into the future. We are the experts.

       Please call or email EVChargerExpert and let one of our experts get you started.


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we proudly Provide

Professional Home Installations
EV Charger Tesla installation
Commercial & Public Charging
Commercial EV Charger installation
EV   Engineering & Design
EV Charger Registration, Permittion, City Inspection

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Once our work is complete we will schedule you for a city inspection.  

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We are happy to provide you with any EV charger of your choice or you may provide your own. EVCharger Expert does not charge any markup for providing EV chargers.  If we provide you with EV charger the cost of this unit will be added to your final invoice. You can choose any EV Charger and we will professionally install it.

We work with:

Bosch Charger
Leviton Charger


EVCharger Expert gives excellent service!  Within one week of our contacting EVCharger Expert, the engineer came out to make drawings, the electrician came out to give us an estimate, and the entire job was quickly completed, permit and all.  EVCharger Expert developed a good installation plan based on our driveway and charging needs. From the phone receptionist to the electrical engineer, everyone we worked with was polite, knowledgeable, clean and organized.  I highly recommend them!  

Linda Burks

                 Los Altos, California


We work in the greater San Francisco Bay Area

Tel: (415)851 83 51

3000 Nicol Ave, suite 9

Oakland, CA 94602

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Hours of operation : 9am to 5pm (M-F)

Office phone : (415) 851 83 51

Email : info@evchargerexpert.com


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It's easy as 1-2-3

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Call or E-mail one of our EVCharger experts to get started. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about electric car charger installations.

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Schedule a date for our EVCharger  experts to install your electric car charging station(s). Our experts will make all estimations on site and find the best solution for you.

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EV Charger Tesla Installation

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Once your electric car charger is installed, we will schedule you for a city inspection according to the state law. We will do all the paper work for you. 



Tel: (415) 851-8351

3000 Nicol Ave, suite 9

Oakland, CA 94602

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